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A walk in Virtual Reality through the History of the Sephardim to   offer the world the places, their history and their culture.
We have created a series to enjoy in VIRTUAL REALITY the places of SEFARAD in an immersive way


Sefarad (in hebrew, סְפָרַד) es is the biblical name that the Jewish tradition gave to the Iberian Peninsula.
In the current Hebrew language, Sefarad remains the exclusive name that defines the entire territory between Spain and Portugal. It is very possible that Sepharad, was identified with the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 and the Sephardic name mentions both those expelled from Spain, as well as those expelled from Portugal in 1497, as well as, to all his descendants.
We highlight that a large part of the Jews expelled from Spain took refuge in Portugal, forced to leave after the edict of Granada.




Welcome to the audiovisual series



Through the paths of Sefarad we will travel to the history of the Jews in Spain, we will visit, as if we were there, the places where they lived, the monuments dedicated to the outstanding people of the place and the vestiges that they still remain. In short, everything we are going to find when we visit the Sephardic cities.













A series in which in each episode we are going to show a city of Sepharad and we are going to visit the most emblematic places of culture, way of life and everything relevant to the establishment of the Jews in Spain . A virtual tour that will recreate Sefarad through images and 360 videos.
Virtual Reality captures the historical places that we can visit today from the ancient Sepharad and get closer to life at that time

Virtual Reality

360 3D photography

360 video

Season 1

We invite you to visit the cities where the Jewish people settled and lived in Spain.

In the first chapter we visit the city of Córdoba.


It was inside the medina, which in the later Christian era was Collación or Barrio de San Miguel.

Its main artery or main street, passed from the north until ending at the PUERTA DEL OSARIO, which received this name as there were cemeteries along the way.

The Jews freely exercised commerce, being in charge of administering the revenues of the Public Treasury and exercising relevant positions in the court of the Umayyad sovereigns.

During the course of the 10th century, Córdoba was the capital of Muslim Spain and positioned itself as one of the greatest points of commerce and intellect in the world.

The splendor floods it when the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures coexist in harmony, peace that was truncated by the invasion of the Christians. After the reconquest of Fernando III in 1236, racial hatred increased until, in 1492, Isabel la Católica ordered the expulsion of the Jews.

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Participate with us in this Project, we have made the first pilot episode. We have in our notebook great purposes to achieve several seasons that take us to all the Sephardic cities, not only in Spain, but also in the rest of the world since Sephardic culture reaches everywhere.

360 photography of the Córdoba Synagogue , click on the blue icon for an immersive feeling.
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