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The Judería of Córdoba

The Juderia quarter was inside the medina, in the later Christian era it was Collación or San Miguel´s Quarter. Its main artery or main street, ended at the Ossuary´s Door. It received this name for the cemeteries that exist along the road that ran from the north of the city to the aforementioned Ossuary´s Door.

The Judería of Córdoba.

Almodóvar´s Door
It is the entrance to the Judería quarter and it is the beginning of the Jewish street. In Muslim times it was known as Bad al-Yawz, it was reformed by Christians in the 9th century and only retains the aldarve and the battlements. Its name comes from the old path that communicated this door with the population of Almodóvar del Río, about 23 kilometers from Córdoba
Jewish Street
The Cordoba Synagogue was built by Isaac Moheb. Its construction began on September 20, 1314 and ended on September 1, 1325. It is a building of autonomous ownership that is located at number 20 of Jews Street
Ossuary Door
It is the main artery or main street. In Christian times it ended at the Ossuary Door which received this name, for the cemeteries that existed along the way.
In Cordoba at one point, during the Umayyad Caliphate, the Jewish intelligentsia was concentrated, the most prominent example being Maimonides or Moisés ben Maimon, known as Rambam, was a doctor, philosopher, astronomer and rabbi
Tombstones Archaeological Museum
In the Archaeological Museum we can see a Hebrew tombstone, that of the Jewish Yehudá bar Akon, who died in Córdoba in the middle of the 9th century.

Visit the Synagogue from here on this virtual tour

Places in honor of illustrious Jews of Córdoba
Judah Levi Square
Yehudah ben Semuel ha-Levi is considered the best medieval poet in the Hebrew language. He was born in Tudela (Navarra) and spent a good part of his life in Córdoba.
The Jewish Maria Street
Maria was the first female alchemist. He lived between the 1st and 2nd centuries of the Common Era in Alexandria. It is considered the founder of alchemy. Among other discoveries we owe the distillation and sublimation of chemical materials, as well as the famous “Bain Marie”.
Hasday ibn Saprout St.
Hasday ibn Shaprut, born in Jaén around 915 and died in Córdoba in 975. Doctor and diplomat of the caliphate, he is the first Spanish-Jewish personality whose life and work are known in some detail.
Walls of the Castle of the Judería Quarter
This area is popularly known as the “Castle of the Jews”.
History explains its name. The Jews who arrived from 1236, after the capture of Córdoba by Fernando III,
settled in this area taking advantage of the existing buildings.
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